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IP Camera Cloud for Mac is released IP Camera Cloud for Mac is released

IP Camera Cloud is our latest and greatest video surveillance solution for Mac. It works with more models of IP Cameras that older products.

We have also integrated our Cloud servers to let you instantly review your live and recorded video remotelly from iPhone/iPad or other Macs. No port forwarding nor dyndns complexities are required. Using our Cloud Servers, the iPhone/Mac remote apps connect to your computers automatically.

We have also added optional Cloud storage, so you can store video from your cameras for 30 days and access it remotely, even if your Mac that recorded the video is broken or is stolen.

See How to setup IP Camera Cloud on Mac? for details.

2014-07-16 14:58

IP Camera Recorder 2.40 is released IP Camera Recorder 2.40 is released

Version 2.40 includes following improvements: (Download IP Camera Recorder 2.40 here)

  • Added new options in Motion Detector.
  • Improved support for IP Cameras: ACTi, EasyCam, Eneo, Ernitec, Esky, Etrovision, E-Tech, EyeSight, EyeCam, EZCam, Dahua, D-Link, IPCC, RTSP, Sharx, UCam, Panasonic, Trendnet, TPLink, Trivision, Vivotek and Zmodo IP Cameras.
  • Added support for newest Foscam Cameras: 9805, 9821 V2, 9826, 9831.
  • Added support for Afreey, Geovision, Samsung, Allnet, Heden, NEO Coolcam, Optica, OpenEye, Orite, Ovislink, Pheenet, Piczel, Pixord, Planet, Planex, PLC, Plenty, Polaroid, Power Star, Procctv, Prolink, ProVision, Lorex, Napco, NCB, NCL, Ness, Netcomm, NetMedia, Netwave, NeuFusion, Niceview, Nilox, NorthQ, NTI, QNAP, Quimz, Qwa, Raylios, Repotec, Rimax, Rohs, Rosewill, RTX, Wanscam and Q-See IP Cameras.
  • Improved support for recording video to external USB Drives.
  • Improved email notifications and FTP upload.
  • Added option to manually remove recorded video. If you recorded several hours of empty room: now you can remove this video to save Hard Drive space.
2014-02-08 18:35

IP Camera Recorder 2.30 adds Fisheye functionality IP Camera Recorder 2.30 adds Fisheye functionality

The version 2.30 is now available as a free upgrade for existing IP Camera Recorder users from the Download site.

The new version supports Fisheye functionality on VIVOTEK cameras. See article on How to Use Fisheye Cameras?



See following for details:

How to setup IP Camera Recorder on Mac? IP Camera Recorder for Mac

How to setup IP Camera Recorder on Windows? IP Camera Recorder></a> 
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How to connect to IP Camera Recorder remotely? 

User Manual

2013-11-28 10:44

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